Bite-sized Blitz Newsletter: Practical Productivity in Bite-sized Steps

Bite-sized Blitz: Practical Productivity in Bite-sized Steps

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I recently started work on a new book about productivity, which I call the ‘Bite-sized Blitz’. During the process of forming the idea behind it I have come to realise that, without knowing it, I had a huge passion for productivity. I am always looking for ways to be more productive in the fast pace age I find myself in, but it took me a while to realise I had enough knowledge to write about it regularly. I wrote one productivity piece about 5 years ago called Distributed Organizational Tools, but nothing much since except in my day job as a Web developer. I have tried many more tools and methodologies since than, so I realised I had enough material to fill a productivity blog.

Although the Bite-sized Blitz blog shares the same name with my book, it will have one difference. This blog will be about sharing the full range of my productivity experience, as well as trying out new methodologies, ideas and tools for improvement. Where the blog will tie together with my book is the idea behind the name Bite-sized Blitz, which is about dealing with big things in bite-sized chunks. Over the years I have brought a number of productivity ideas together in order to deal with a heavy workload whilst managing chronic health issues. I have learned how to pace myself and still get far more done than I had ever thought possible before 2012. I have seen such an improvement in my stress levels as a result so now it’s time for me to share what I’ve learned.

I am working on setting up the blog website, my first attempt about a week ago has gone wrong so I have to start again. I decided in the meantime to create the Bite-sized Blitz newsletter to support the blog, book and to give a way free productivity documents and cheat sheets.  So if you would like to be updated with news about the blog and my new book please subscribe to the Bite-sized Blitz mailing list.

EDIT: The website is now up and running! You can find it here:

Do you have a review suggestion or article idea for the Bite-sized Blitz?  Let me know in the comments.

New Hermit Studio English Proofreading Service Page


We have launched our new English Proofreading Service page today on our website.

Since we moved from the UK to Denmark in 2008 we have been using our collective writing skills to help proofread English copy for non-native English speakers. We realised that we could open up the service through the studio website for both the local Danish & Expat market; and anyone else who would like the peace of mind.

Since work began on the 2013 NovoPulp Google+ Speculative Fiction Anthology, and the website began development, we have come to know a great bunch of people. They have acted like a ‘talent mirror’ so we could hold our own work up in order to reflect a more impartial view. We individually gain practical feedback in a supportive and safe manner to help us all make the next step towards NovoPulp indie stardom!

The first piece I submitted to NovoPulp was my short story The Cancer. It was interesting to see what issues cropped up as, in the end, they seemed more structural than grammatical. So since the standard of our writing was improving, it was only logical that the next step for Hermit Studio was to codify our English proofreading services for the benefit of our network.

Both the English Proofreading page and the NovoPulp project have also been added as products and services on our new Hermit Studio LinkedIn Company page.