NovoPulp 2013 Acceptance Letters Go Out

It has taken sometime to get all the administrative work in place before we confirmed the entrants for 2013. After much computer, electric, and Internet trouble – not to mention a blown up fridge – we have finally finalised the profit share breakdown for the 2013/2014 period. This allowed us to finish the acceptance contracts so each person knows what percentage they will get for their individual efforts. We also sent out rejection letters and revision requests for next year.

Profit percentages for accepted contributions will be based on the word count for each writer and a fixed share for artists. A fixed HQ share will be divided based on the role and amount of work done by each HQ member. If anyone who received an acceptance contract has any feedback for next year about the profit breakdown then please contact us.

We can announce the following contributors for 2013:


HQ Only

If you would like to know more about our contributors then also visit our Showcase page.

NovoPulp 2013 Typesetting Has Begun

Eleven stories by eleven authors, over forty thousand words in all. Three images accepted and a HQ team that is in good working order. Things really have come together over 2013 for NovoPulp and we are looking forward to the end result. Our typesetter, Daniela, is already working on version three and the cover as we speak.

When will NovoPulp 2013 be published?

We intend to have print and digital versions available over the Christmas and New Year period. Since this is our first year we have to accept there might be stumbling blocks along the way, but the book seems to be coming together nicely. If you would like to get email updates on the anthology subscribe here.