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Last month I started working freelance for CMS Critic:

Niamh Brown

This is just a quick post to say that I’ve added a section on my publications page for the CMS Critic related articles I’m writing. I’ll try and keep it up to date but you can always find it on my author bio on the CMS Critic website.

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We just offered our services. Cool Project idea 😀

Cristian Mihai

A few months ago I had this idea. I don’t remember where I was or what I was doing, but I do remember that it felt like a very good idea. I didn’t write it down, but I didn’t forget it either.

The thing was that I wanted to build a new website. One that would act as a sort of art/culture platform for promoting young artists. Writers, painters, photographers, you name it. You know, the type of website that would review independent movies and self-published books.

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The Hermit Studios


One of the first things that drew us in about Google+ was the exposure of artwork and photography that was available in a manner beyond what other channels could bring us. Having been the first sale of two G+ Indie Artists we have decided to set up a Google+ Page to collect the art we wish to hang, as well as show case the ones when can afford to buy them, in a Virtual Gallery for everyone to see and share.

To read more about The Hermit House Virtual Gallery and to nominate yourself, or someone you believe truly deserves to be more well known in the art and photographic world, then follow the link below to apply today! You may just end up on our wall 😀


Hermit Studio

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Welcome To Hermit Studio Press

Hermit Studio Press is a project division within Hermit Studio, housed at Hermit House, outside Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a small studio whose focus is on the creative arts. We believe that writing, the graphic arts, gaming, music and the interplay between them are the primary tools which allow us to tell our stories, and by telling them to affect the changes we want and need in the world around us.

Our first Press Project will be Novo Pulp Monthly Magazine and Annual Anthologies: Let’s bring back the best of the days of Pulp: Fiction written by and for those who love the genre. Pushing boundaries, asking the questions, demanding the answers, and even providing some. More Information on Novo Pulp can be found at the Novo Pulp Website or at our Projects page.

For More Information about Hermit Studio Press read our About page or Subscribe to the Blog for more News as it comes in 🙂