Novo Pulp (coming soon)

Let’s bring back the best of the days of Pulp: Fiction written by and for those who love the genre. Pushing boundaries, asking the questions, demanding the answers, and even providing some.

We’d like to collect, anthologise, and produce one volume a year of the very best Speculative Fiction that G+ can provide. All comers are welcome – we want everyone to have the chance to put their ideas before the world, to be the one who saw what the rest of us didn’t – or wouldn’t – and so change the world.

As any writer will tell you, getting paid is the hard part. That part has to change too. At Novo Pulp (and it base community at G+SF) we’ve never minded paying for quality SF. Never. Neither have any of the SF lovers we have ever known. In today’s shattered market, it’s every story for itself. It can be impossible to tell which writer, which story, even if you happen to hear of them. We can change that too.

Want to take part? Just circle us at Google until the website is up and running and tell us so! We need writers and editors, typesetters and artists, and juries of readers!

Links: Novo Pulp WebsiteG+SF Anthologies Page

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

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